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Literature reports for Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technology and Learning Languages

The Ministry commissioned literature reports for five learning areas as part of its review and maintenance programme in 2015–16. The aim was to ensure that materials developed to support NCEA were aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum and supported quality teaching and learning programmes in schools. Teachers of Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Technology, Health and Physical Education, and Learning Languages will be interested in reading these.

As part of these RAMP reviews, NZCER was contracted to carry out a search on "Themes in the research literature." This explored recent research related to the implementation of NCEA in the relevant learning area and/or the uptake and enactment of NZC in the final three years of schooling.
These reports are for the learning areas:

The findings of the reports are contributing to Ministry review and design processes for curriculum support and NCEA planning including the Review of NCEA and the Achievement Standards Review.

If you have any questions about these reviews please contact enquiries.national@education.govt.nz

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