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Review of NCEA 2018

Throughout 2018 there will be a broad review of our NCEA qualification to ensure it remains fit for purpose. This is an opportunity to understand the experiences of New Zealanders who interact with NCEA – whether as students, parents, whānau, teachers, school leaders, tertiary providers, iwi, employers, or members of the wider community and to respond to emerging needs and opportunities. 

A range of topics relating to the structure and implementation of NCEA – including the rules and requirements for each certificate, and how NCEA is supported and administered – are within the scope of the review.

During Term 2, 2018, there will be opportunities for all New Zealanders to share their ideas on key topics and aspects of NCEA, including via focused workshops with key stakeholder groups as well as on-line consultation via a dedicated website.  


Any changes resulting from the review will be implemented incrementally with appropriate support provided to schools.  

Note: The review of NCEA will not be dealing with individual standards, subjects and associated materials as these will be the subject of an achievement standards review in 2019.

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