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Information on ClassroomNZ2020

Now available: ClassroomNZ2020 online courses

ClassroomNZ2020, a new platform with a range of online courses, is now available as an interim support for learners until the end of February 2021.

The use of ClassroomNZ2020 is optional and is not intended to replace existing Learning Management System (LMS) platforms schools and wharekura may be using.

These online courses cover a wide range of NCEA subjects and levels and were developed by Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (Te Kura). The resources are aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum, meet NCEA requirements and can be used to supplement schools’ curriculum content. Ākonga in wharekura may use this platform to support their studies towards NCEA standards derived from the New Zealand Curriculum.

Details of the content of the NCEA courses, including the achievement standards they support, can be found on the website of Te Kura: https://www.tekura.school.nz. Almost all of the NCEA courses that assess learning through achievement standards are available on ClassroomNZ2020.

To access ClassroomNZ2020, schools and wharekura will need to provide staff, student and course enrolment data to the Ministry from their school’s SMS. We are providing support to schools and wharekura to do this, alongside support to students and teachers on how to use ClassroomNZ2020.

If your school or wharekura would like to register your interest in using ClassroomNZ2020, have a school leader email us at interestinclassroomnz2020@education.govt.nz.

Below are resources - in English and te reo Māori - that show you what ClassroomNZ2020 looks like and how it works. We hope these will help you plan for how you might use ClassroomNZ2020.

ClassroomNZ2020 resources

Welcome to ClassroomNZ2020:

Māori language versions:

Word 2007 icon. Classroom2020 - Getting Started user guide (v1) (Word 2007, 2 MB)

PDF icon. Classroom2020 - Getting Started user guide (v1) (PDF, 1 MB)

Word 2007 icon. Classroom2020 - Getting Started user guide (v1) Māori (Word 2007, 2 MB)

PDF icon. FAQs for students - ClassroomNZ2020 (PDF, 523 KB)

PDF icon. FAQs for school leaders and teachers - ClassroomNZ2020 (PDF, 576 KB)

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