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New Agribusiness standards, assessment resources, changes to two Agricultural and Horticultural Science Achievement standards, teaching and learning guide.

The Ministry of Education has developed Agribusiness level 2 and 3 achievement standards for use from 2018. These standards are located in the Business Studies domain, and are supported with assessment resources and a teaching and learning guide.

Agribusiness draws on learning from across more than one curriculum learning area so the Ministry has considered the suitability of some existing achievement standards and made minor amendments to two Agricultural and Horticultural Science Achievement Standards so they can be used to assess parts of an agribusiness programme. These are:

  • AS91294 Agricultural and Horticultural Science 2.6 Demonstrate understanding of how NZ commercial management practices influence livestock growth and development, and 
  • AS91530 Agricultural and Horticultural Science 3.3 Demonstrate understanding of how market forces affect supply of and demand for New Zealand primary products

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