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Level 1 Mathematics and statistics assessment resources

  Please note:

These resources are guides to effective assessment and should not be used as actual assessment.

These are publicly available resources so educational providers (including teachers and schools) must modify them to ensure that student work is authentic.

Teachers will need to set a different context or topic to be investigated; identify different texts to read or perform; or change figures, measurements or data sources to ensure that students are demonstrating that they can apply what they know and can do.

The level 1 achievement standards for Mathematics and statistics are registered and are published on the NZQA website.

The list below includes NZQA quality assured assessment resources to support internally assessed Level 1 registered achievement standards for the Vocational Pathways.

Exemplars of student work or expected student responses (written by subject moderators) have been developed for Level 1 achievement standards. The exemplars are on the NZQA Subject Specific Resources pages on the NZQA website and are all available for use.

Assessment resources and exemplars for all Level 1 externally assessed standards are published on the NZQA website.

NZQA approved assessment resources


Assessment resources

Vocational Pathway assessment resources

Mathematics 1.1 (AS91026)

Word icon. 1.1 Av3 (Word, 119 KB)

Word icon. 1.1 Bv3 (Word, 123 KB)

Word 2007 icon. 1.1 C (Word 2007, 117 KB)

Word 2007 icon. It’s getting hot in here v2 - CI (Word 2007, 584 KB)

Word 2007 icon. ‘To market to market v2 - PI (Word 2007, 496 KB)

Word 2007 icon. ICU on the plane v2 - SI (Word 2007, 498 KB)

Mathematics 1.4 (AS91029)

Word icon. 1.4 Av3 (Word, 140 KB)

Word icon. 1.4 Bv3 (Word, 138 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Concrete quotes v2 - CI (Word 2007, 490 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Stock to go v2 - PI (Word 2007, 492 KB)

Mathematics 1.5 (AS91030)

Word icon. 1.5 Av3 (Word, 180 KB)

Word icon. 1.5 Bv3 (Word, 150 KB)

Word icon. 1.5 Cv2 (Word, 277 KB)

Word icon. 1.5 Dv2 (Word, 318 KB)

Word 2007 icon. 1.5 E (Word 2007, 146 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Community garden project v2 - CI (Word 2007, 593 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Where have all the tanks gone? v2 - MT (Word 2007, 506 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Filling the pond v2 - PI (Word 2007, 587 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Hair today and gone tomorrow v2 - SI (Word 2007, 901 KB)

Mathematics 1.7 (AS91032)

Word icon. 1.7 Av3 (Word, 145 KB)

Word icon. 1.7 Bv3 (Word, 337 KB)

Word icon. 1.7 Cv2 (Word, 205 KB)

Word 2007 icon. An angle on the roof v2 - CI (Word 2007, 495 KB)

Mathematics 1.8 (AS91033)

Word icon. 1.8 Av3 (Word, 137 KB)

Word icon. 1.8 Bv3 (Word, 306 KB)

Word 2007 icon. A mighty wind v2 - MT (Word 2007, 1 MB)

Word 2007 icon. Dig a little deeper v2 - PI (Word 2007, 989 KB)

Mathematics 1.9 (AS91034)

Word icon. 1.9 Av3 (Word, 151 KB)

Word icon. 1.9 Bv3 (Word, 99 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Cornice creation v2 - CI (Word 2007, 535 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Geometric gardens v2 - PI (Word 2007, 441 KB)

Word 2007 icon. Poppy’s boxes v2 - SI (Word 2007, 556 KB)

Mathematics 1.10 (AS91035)

Word icon. 1.10 Av4 (Word, 265 KB)

Excel icon. 1.10 Av3 database (Excel, 27 KB)

Word icon. 1.10 Bv4 (Word, 165 KB)

Word icon. 1.10 Cv3 (Word, 128 KB)

Excel icon. 1.10 Cv2 data (Excel, 122 KB)

Word icon. 1.10 Dv3 (Word, 261 KB)

Excel icon. 1.10 Dv2 data (Excel, 35 KB)

Mathematics 1.11 (AS91036)

Word icon. 1.11 Av3 (Word, 154 KB)

Word icon. 1.11 Bv3 (Word, 151 KB)

Mathematics 1.13 (AS91038)

Word icon. 1.13 Av3 (Word, 152 KB)

Word icon. 1.13 Bv3 (Word, 151 KB)


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