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New NCEA level 1 and 2 psychology achievement standard

In partnership with the New Zealand Association of Psychology Teachers (NZAPT) and New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), the Ministry of Education has developed Psychology level 1 and 2 achievement standards.
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Reviewed te reo Māori achievement standards and revised assessment resources

The Ministry of Education has reviewed three Level 1 te reo Māori standards 91085, 91086 and 91089 to correct minor errors.
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Planned review date for level 3 achievement standards

A decision has been made to roll over the planned review date of the standards until at least December 2018.
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New Zealand sign language (NZSL) achievement standards

New level 3 achievement standards for NZSL are available at NZQA.

Level 3 music achievement standard on songwriting for 2017

The Ministry of Education has developed a new level 3 songwriting standard.

Reviewed digital technologies achievement standards

The Ministry of Education has reviewed three digital technologies standards 91080, 91081 and 91637. These were published on NZQA’s website in December 2016.

Educational sustainability review

The Ministry of Education, in association with NZQA, have completed the review of the levels 2 and 3 education for sustainability achievement standards. 
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