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New Zealand Scholarship

NZQA and the Ministry of Education have completed work on aligning the New Zealand Scholarship performance standards with The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). The aligned New Zealand Scholarship performance standards will take effect from 2013.

The parameters for the Scholarship performance standards relate to the level 8 achievement objectives of the NZC and related documents. They assume curriculum knowledge and skills from lower level achievement objectives.

There are some changes to the format of these standards. There are no significant changes to the parameters of the scholarship standards for most subjects. There is some change to the coverage of the standards where there has been corresponding changes to the outcomes at curriculum Level 8. For example, there have been changes to some strands at CL 8 in the learning areas of Mathematics and Statistics, Science, and Technology.

It is important to note that there is no change to either the level or the type of learning that is being assessed for scholarship. Students will still be expected to demonstrate high level:

  • analysis and critical thinking
  • integration, synthesis, and application of highly developed knowledge, skills, and understanding to complex situations
  • logical development, precision, and clarity of ideas.

New Zealand Scholarship Assessment Specifications for 2013, can be accessed through the Scholarship subject pages.

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