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Resources to support distance learning during COVID 19

The Ministry is providing resources to schools and teachers to support their NCEA students with distance learning. The subject pages below contain resources including online courses, adapted assessment resources, and online resources that substitute learning that can't be done by distance.

Access to online courses

The Ministry is securing access to a range of online courses to support NCEA.


StudyIt provides support to NCEA students through provision of information on standards and revision material.  Students can discuss NCEA subjects through moderated facilitated forums.

Subject Associations

NZQA and the Ministry are offering Subject Associations the opportunity to host a webinar to support members with assessment in 2020 impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions. Full details are available from the Subject Association forums page.

Teachers should contact their subject associations for details of upcoming webinars or to access content.

Guidance for practical activities

TESAC and NZASE have developed advice for their members in regards to practical activities in specialised workspaces. Other subject areas may also find this guidance useful.

PDF icon. NZASE - Keeping safe in school labs (PDF, 457 KB)

PDF icon. TESAC - Advice for re-entry into specialist spaces (PDF, 152 KB)


NZQA resources

Professional Learning and Development

Schools and kura that need support to transition to distance learning can register for the COVID-19 PLD support package.

Support for e-Learning practice

The Ministry’s Enabling e-Learning site provides relevant information, resources, and communities to support teachers and schools in developing their e-learning practice.

Print resources

Ordering of NCEA subject-specific hard packs through the Salesforce Data Collection Portal has now closed.

While students are back at schools and kura, there may still be occasions where certain students have to stay home for a length of time e.g. where they are in isolation. While many will be able to access the classroom programme online, some students may need a hard pack and you will be best placed to put it together and provide it in a way that best suits the student’s needs.

If you identify cases where you need additional support for these students, we encourage you to contact your regional office to discuss what support may be available. 

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