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Psychology - distance learning support

Resources for schools and teachers to support NCEA students with Psychology distance learning during an emergency situation or COVID-19 isolation.

Assessment support

The Ministry of Education and NZQA have developed assessment guidance and resources that can be used within the constraints of distance learning. 


Ministry of Education - NCEA on TKI

Other teaching and learning support

Tawa College has kindly allowed the publication of their Psychology workbooks, containing teaching and learning material, in New Zealand. Teachers and students in New Zealand may freely download, print and use these resources for educational purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, all content in this workbook is the copyright of Tawa College and/or the named authors.

PDF icon. Level 1 Psychology workbook (PDF, 2 MB)

PDF icon. Level 2 Psychology workbook (PDF, 1 MB)

PDF icon. Level 3 Psychology workbook (PDF, 1 MB)

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