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New Zealand Curriculum - Curriculum documents, guidance, and resources.

Secondary Education Portal - support for secondary teaching and learning.

NZQA - registered achievement standards and assessment materials.

Level 3 Home economics assessment resources

These resources are guides to effective assessment and should not be used as actual assessment.

These are publicly available resources so you (education providers, teachers and schools) must modify them to ensure that student work is authentic.

You will need to set a different context or topic to be investigated, identify different texts to read or perform, or change figures, measurements or data sources to ensure that students can demonstrate what they know and can do. 

NZQA resources

Level 3 achievement standards for Home economics

Annotated exemplars - Home economics - exemplars of student work or expected student responses (written by subject moderators).

Home economics subject resources - for all levels, including assessment resources and exemplars for externally assessed standards.

Level 3 Home economics NZQA approved assessment resources


NZQA quality assured assessment resources

HomeEc 3.1 (AS91466)

Word icon. 3.1 A (Word, 162 KB)

Word icon. 3.1 B (Word, 166 KB)

HomeEc 3.2 (AS91467)

Word icon. 3.2 A (Word, 144 KB)

Word icon. 3.2 B (Word, 138 KB)

HomeEc 3.3 (AS91468)

Word icon. 3.3 A (Word, 143 KB)

Word icon. 3.3 B (Word, 127 KB)

HomeEc 3.4 (AS91469)

Word icon. 3.4 A (Word, 173 KB)

Word icon. 3.4 B (Word, 125 KB)

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